FAQ for Brands

Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer Marketing is a combination of new and renowned marketing tools. It takes the idea of celebrity endorsement and places it into a modern-day content-driven marketing campaign. The main idea in the case of influencer marketing is that the outcomes of the campaign are collaborations between influencers and brands.

Influencers produce instant credibility to the company they are promoting, and the benefits extend beyond the ROI. Share of industry voice, consumer trust, brand recognition, and a litany of other benefits are produced from well-executed Influencer marketing campaigns.


Influencer marketing is now a mandatory channel for reaching the new generation, statistically 70-80% of Millennials and Gen Z’ers uses social media to learn about new products.

Absolutely! Influencer Marketing is a powerful tool for any brand to utilise. The trust and loyalty that social media influencers establish with their audiences are among the brand’s most valuable assets.

Not at all! If you are new to Influencer marketing, we can assist you right from the start. At SwayFluence we offer the option to manage your campaign, all our expertise is at your disposal to craft the ideal campaign strategy.

If you already have an idea how you want your campaign to look like but are low on time and resources, we can help you find the right influencer matches and manage the campaign for you. We use your campaign details to find influencers that align well with you and your goals. The more details the brand provides, the better the matches will be.

It’s up to you! With SwayFluence, your options are completely flexible.

If you want to manage your own campaign, then we will find your perfect influencer match and let you handle the rest. If you want to have your campaign managed for you, we will find you the perfect match and will centrally coordinate every detail for you from start to finish.

The easiest answer, you let us do it for you! There are five parameters that SwayFluence takes into consideration: Relevance, Engagement, Reach, Frequency and Authenticity.

Each campaign is custom made to suit every client’s needs. Costs vary based on several factors including number of influencers, labour costs, influencer compensation, and extra digital spend to promote the campaign.

Absolutely! SwayFluence provides you with the flexibility to choose influencers which match your industry category, brand, budget and type of influencer. We can reach out to them on your behalf and coordinate the campaign.

At SwayFluence we offer customized campaigns, which gives smaller brands room to make an investment without the high-level risk normally associated with marketing campaigns. There are multiple benefits for small business to collaborate with influencers. Start-ups and small business will be able to build brand awareness on a conservative budget (versus paid social ads) and can attract new audiences on multiple channels.

The SwayFluence team takes the time to understand the client’s needs, goals, and branding. Based on that we find an influencer that matches the brand concept. We trust our social media partners and do not give strict instructions on the content. The influencer built its own brand and knows what kind of content will resonate best with their audience and at the same time be authentic and credible.